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The importance of ear care

Did you know that otitis is a major problem in dogs? A dog's ear is a high-precision device which can detect a sound spectrum inaudible to the human ear. Neglecting ear care can result in an excessive build-up of secretions or humidity. Otitis may involve obstruction of the auditory canal, itching, painful irritation, a secondary infection and even a drop in hearing acuity.

Otifree, as gentle as can be!

Vetoquinol Care Otifree is a pH-neutral ear-cleaning solution for dogs. It contains calendula and propylene glycol to moisturize and soothe the ear canal. Otifree's flexible spout makes it easier to administer the product and prevents damage to your dog's ear, especially when there is a pain component.

Otifree is available in a 160 mL bottle.

How should I use Vetoquinol Care Otifree?

Pour Otifree into the auditory canal and gently massage for a few minutes to help soften and remove built-up earwax. Let your pet shake their head and remove excess with a cottonball or tissue. You should clean ears once a week, or as recommended by a vet.



How does the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program work?
Vetoquinol Care Loyalty cards are available from your vet clinic.
Show your card every time you buy one of the selected products.
For 5 products purchased (mix & match), you will get one free!

Which products are eligible for the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program?
The product list is available on the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty card.
For more information, please go to your vet's office!

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