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With Vetoquinol Care Pill Wrap, turn your pet's pill into a treat!

What is Pill Wrap?

It's a moist, tasty, shapeable paste. It is perfect for wrapping pills of all shapes and sizes. So, it makes taking pills easier!

Why is Pill Wrap so effective?

Because it is shapeable. Pill Wrap does not have to adjust to a pre-determined shape. So, you can use a little... or a lot! Pill Wrap wraps around any type of tablet, pill, capsule or wafer. Each 113.4 g container provides enough Pill Wrap for approximately 56 uses! 

Dogs and cats love its great taste! Made of wheat flour, rice bran, liver flour, dried cheese and fish oil, the combination of ingredients in Pill Wrap makes dogs and cats drool!

How should you use Pill Wrap?

Nothing could be easier: take a small amount of Pill Wrap, wrap it all around the tablet and offer it like a treat!



How does the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program work?
Vetoquinol Care Loyalty cards are available from your vet clinic.
Show your card every time you buy one of the selected products.
For 5 products purchased (mix & match), you will get one free!

Which products are eligible for the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty Program?
The product list is available on the Vetoquinol Care Loyalty card.
For more information, please go to your vet's office!

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Pill Wrap

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